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OCD Awareness Scale

Using experience from clinical practice, the OCD Awareness Scale was created to provide education on the various ways OCD can present, and simultaneously function as a tool that can be used by people in different settings.


Whether using the Scale on your own, including it in a therapy session, or as part of another setting, such as a neuropsychological assessment, we hope the Scale offers users a better insight into OCD.

OCD Awareness Scale

It is common for there to be a significant delay between the onset of OCD and individuals learning that what they are experiencing is OCD. Part of this delay is likely due to the broad range of ways that OCD presents. In addition, as OCD can focus on what is referred to as taboo thoughts, it is common for people to be hesitant to share their obsessions and compulsions with others.


One goal of the OCD Awareness Scale is to provide detailed information on a range of common types of obsessions and compulsions, with the objective to help increase awareness of and to normalize the range of different OCD themes. To help deliver on the goal of increasing awareness of and to normalize different OCD themes, the Scale was designed with user flexibility as a key consideration.


The Scale was designed with the ability to be used as a tool by people of all ages and in different settings, including on their own or during therapy, to help better understand one’s OCD and further develop one’s exposure work. In addition, the Scale was created to be available as a measure that can be integrated into neuropsychological assessments, which are comprehensive evaluations that are conducted to assess for a range of psychosocial and neurological conditions. 

The Scale includes a broad range of ways that OCD presents. However, as there are countless types of obsessions and compulsions, while the measure is comprehensive, it is not possible for the Scale to document all presentations of OCD.

OCD Awareness Scale

OCD Awareness Scale

Our OCD Awareness Scale is available for free download and use. The Scale was designed to be a self-contained document, and as such, it includes important information users need to be able to make full use of the tool we have developed.


The document includes an introduction plus directions outlining how to use the Scale, as well as, information covering important points to be aware of when using the Scale.

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