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Creating a path towards your OCD recovery.

OCD Support Group

Our Mission

At The OCD Academy, our mission is threefold. We aim to:

 1.  Increase knowledge and awareness regarding OCD. Due to the variety of ways in which OCD presents, it can often be misunderstood by those living with OCD, the general public, and both mental and medical health professionals.

 2.  Provide accessible and comprehensive information about OCD. Information is key to helping individuals struggling with OCD, family members of loved ones with OCD, and providers supporting those with OCD.

 3.  Reduce stigma associated with OCD.

What We Offer

The OCD Academy offers a range of quality educational materials on OCD for people struggling with OCD, loved ones of those with OCD, and clinicians. Our content includes information dedicated to providing an overview of OCD, along with educational material regarding a range of different OCD themes. In addition, our resources include targeted content focused on specific treatment and recovery-related topics.


We have organized the material within this website so the resources flow in an accessible way. We welcome you to review each main section of the website or to select the sections of specific interest to you. 

Reading resources fro OCD Recovery

Reading Resources

Our selection of user-friendly learning resources provides readers with information and education on a range of OCD topics, including practical strategies for specific therapeutic areas focusing on OCD recovery.

Education Guides towards OCD recovery

Educational Guides

Using research-based best practices in OCD treatment and recovery, The OCD Academy’s collection of Educational Guides provides detailed information and guidance on a range of important OCD-related topics.

OCD Awareness Scale

OCD Awareness Scale

This freely-available tool can be used to understand the different ways that OCD shows up for individuals. It has two sections, using illustrative examples for types of obsessions and compulsions.

Free Resources

We believe in the value of education – understanding OCD, the factors that maintain the OCD cycle, and helpful (and unhelpful) therapeutic approaches are an important and empowering part of the OCD recovery process. Our collection of free resources includes information on different OCD themes, recovery-related information, and the OCD Awareness Scale.


Exposures are the gold standard treatment approach for OCD. When doing exposures, people do the things that trigger their OCD and learn to face their fears. It helps people make values-based choices instead of being controlled by OCD.

EPR Exposure therapy is the gold standard tratment approach for OCD
Exposures Seem Scary

For exposures to be helpful, they need to make us feel uncomfortable. They help us learn to let go of control and do the opposite of what OCD is telling us to do, and this can feel scary. The exposure process is designed to build confidence!

Exposure Therapy for OCD treatment
Support and OCD

People often use reason and logic to try to help their loved ones with OCD. As OCD is based on doubt, no amount of logic can make the worries disappear. Trying to reason with OCD actually serves to make it grow stronger. 

Support for OCD

Popular Educational Guides 

Educational Guides Complete Bundle

Exposure Pitfalls

How to Reduce

OCD Accommodation

Unhelpful Therapy Approaches for OCD

Stay Connected

The OCD Academy is committed to providing support and resources for those struggling with OCD. Stay connected with us to get updates on our latest content, events, and resources.


The OCD Academy is a support group for OCD recovery
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